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1. What days are parcels from Poland to England (London) collected?

We collect parcels from all around Poland Monday through Thursday every week. It is up to the customer what day they want to have it collected. Parcels are picked up from the sender’s address, regardless of whether it is a village or town. The sender’s address also does not, in any way, affect the price of the service.

2. What days are parcels from England (London) to Poland collected?

Parcels from London are collected 7 days a week, however they are dispatched every Friday. Parcels reach the recipient no later than Tuesday (hardly ever Wednesday). Therefore, it is recommended to choose Friday as the day of dispatch from England as it will allow for the shorter delivery time of the parcel.

3. Can parcels contain excise goods (alcohol, tobacco, cigarettes)?

In this respect, United Kingdom is known for having one of the most stringent regulations in the world and it is therefore prohibited to transport any quantity of excise goods inside parcels. Should such items be detected inside the package, they are likely to not reach the recipient and be instead confiscated by the British H&M Revenue.

4. How long has SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS been present on the market?

In London alone, SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS has been present already for 8 years. During this time, we have managed to offer our services to 44 800 customers (until 2013) as confirmed by our statistics. Total weight of shipments transported by SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS over those 8 years amount to almost 2700 tonnes (total weight of 15 cruise liners Boeing Dreamliner 787).

5. Has SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS ever lost a parcel?

We have never lost any parcel. We guarantee shipment delivery based on the bill of lading which is always – without exception – handed to both the sender as well as the recipient.

6. Are removals reloaded on the way?

We do not reload carriage at any point of the journey. Goods are always transported directly to the designated place. This is also why you do not need to worry about one of the parts being damaged or broken and you can enjoy the safety and best quality offered by door-to-door service.

7. Why does SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS charge roughly 10% than the competition?

The services we offer are always performed with the utmost attention to quality. Should any complications arrive, the customer will always receive sufficient help and support. Furthermore, shipments are transported only by new vehicles (the oldest one on the route England-Poland-England has been in use for less than 10 months). After one year, all vehicles are immediately exchanged for brand new ones which translates into reliability, timeliness as well as comfort of our employees. Our transport relies on experienced, well-paid and relaxed drivers who are willing to make sacrifices that the work of a courier involves. We never skimp on quality and, because of that, we are able to offer you the reliability and top quality of our services.

Another asset of ours is the possibility to contact us 24/7, where you will be assisted by experienced and knowledgeable staff.

Moreover, SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS is a company that has been subject to numerous comprehensive inspections. Needless to say that not one of them has ever found any irregularities.

Each service offered by SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS is certified by an invoice. Contrary to the competition, all of our shipments already include taxes and each customer receives from us a bill of lading and the aforementioned VAT invoice.

8. Is SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS financially secure and, if so, to what extent?

SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS is a dynamic system. We are in possession of assets that are worth, in total, over 1,4 million PLN (Polish zloty). Through numerous investments of revenue, the management of the company is constantly expanding its assets by investing in e.g.: transferable securities on the Warsaw Stock Exchange, real estate (located mostly in the region of Lower Silesia in Poland) as well as Internet services and hosting services such as, e.g.: www.WirtualnyNumer.pl

SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS is one of the most reliable and experienced service providers on the market. You can always rely on us. We have not any loans taken, and our strong position on the market is the result of long-term and fair delivery of shipments to the Polish community living in London. SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS is a carrier known for its position and diligence with respect to each and every customer and order – regardless of whether it is a 20-kilogram parcel or 20-tonne load. All this is topped off with timeliness of our services so that our customers can rest assured while we take care of the rest.

We are looking forward to cooperate with individuals, companies as well as institutions.