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Parcels that weigh less than 40kg should be packed in standard cardboard box. It is important to fill up all the remaining space, as it will ensure the safety of parcels during transport. Cardboard should also be carefully taped with a vinyl adhesive tape. If necessary, you can include warning labels on the package using waterproof markers.



For the packaging of glassware, make sure to use bubble wrap. In the case of large items, such as: mirrors, we recommend to additionally secure them first, and only then wrap them (the same procedure also applies to small glassware). Once you have done this, you can pack your item into a cardboard box.



Large parcels, such as: sofas, motorcycles, bikes, etc., should be protected with special cardboard panels. We also advise you to disassemble your equipment so that it does not damage other parcels during transport. All the parts should be taped to one wall of the package.


For transporting payload (commercial cargo), such as grocery or construction materials, we use euro pallets. Heavy and small items (e.g. castings or mechanical parts) should be placed in wooden boxes.


Each employee at SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS always has a free-of-charge, cardboard box with them. If necessary, please ask the courier next time for such a box.