§ 1.
These regulations cover the terms and conditions of the provision by Sokol4Trans Limited, 18 Arthur Road., SL1 2QP, Slough, Berkshire, Company Number 8066201, (hereinafter referred to as “SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS”) of transport services, resettlement, commercial cargo and road express services in trade internationally within the European Union. Signing the bill of lading (proof of shipment) – hereinafter referred to as the bill of lading by the Sender is proof of reading and accepting the content of the Regulations and the price list. From that moment, all provisions of these Regulations and the price list become binding for both Parties, unless the relevant agreement between the parties provides otherwise.




§ 2.
1. The scope of activities of SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS covers the territory of the entire Republic of Poland, as well as the countries of the European Union.
2. SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS provides services to natural and legal persons as well as organizational units without legal personality.


1. The following goods are excluded from carriage:
a) the transport of which is prohibited under separate regulations;
b) which, due to their size, weight or other properties, or due to the devices used by SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS, are not suitable for transport;
c) dangerous within the meaning of separate regulations, including in particular: flammable, explosive or radioactive materials, corrosive or smelly substances, weapons and ammunition;
2. In addition, SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS does not accept shipments:
a) containing drugs or drugs and psychotropic substances, excise goods, with the exception of items sent for scientific or medical purposes by institutions authorized by law;
b) containing live plants and animals;
c) containing corpses and remains of human corpses;
d) with inscriptions or drawings on the packaging or the visible part of the content that violate the rights protected by law;
e) containing works of art, antiques, precious stones and metals in any shape or form; currencies, negotiable securities, certificates and any other negotiable securities.
3. In the event of a breach by the Sender of the above provisions, he undertakes to pay a contractual penalty in the amount of five times the amount due to SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS for the performance of the service.
4. The payment of the penalty referred to above does not deprive SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS of the right to claim damages exceeding the amount of the penalty on general terms.
5. SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS may refuse to perform the service, except for the situations specified in section 1 and 2 above, also without giving a reason and in the case of:
a) spatio-temporal inability to perform it,
b) improper securing of the shipment by the Principal,
c) when there is a reasonable suspicion that the declaration of content and/or its weight does not correspond to the facts.


§ 4.
1. The shipment is collected from the indicated address in a given town after a telephone notification. The parcel can be sent at any of the Customer Service Points during its working hours.
2. SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS delivers goods and parcels within the expected delivery date or the guaranteed delivery date specified in the current Price List, unless the parties agree otherwise in writing. The sender may issue a different instruction as to the date of delivery of the shipment, which may be shorter than the time guaranteed by SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS, if SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS agrees to it, confirmed in the waybill.
3. As a rule, the consignment is delivered to the Recipient in person. If the Recipient is a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality – the consignment is left against receipt at the office or a cell that fulfills its role.
4. If the Recipient refuses to accept the shipment, it is returned to the Sender. The costs of two-way transport are borne by the Sender.
5. If the Recipient fails to pay for the shipment, all charges for the service performed shall be borne by the Sender.


§ 5.
1. The amount of fees for the service is specified in the current Price List or in the agreement concluded between SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS and the Principal.
2. Payment can be made before delivery in cash or by bank transfer to the account of SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS.
3. Each customer receives a VAT invoice in accordance with the rates applicable in the Republic of Poland. Invoices are sent to the sender’s address in Poland or UK address as indicated.
4. The price list of SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS contains gross prices.
5. Transfer payments can be made to the account of SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS, Krzysztof Chromy.
6. Cash payments should be made to the courier delivering the shipment based on the valuation from the bill of lading.


§ 6.
1. The SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS company is liable for non-performance or improper performance of the service on the terms set out in these Regulations, the Civil Code and other competent

legal regulations.
2. SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS is responsible for the entrusted shipment up to the amount of PLN 1,000 (one thousand zlotys), provided that the Ordering Party has declared a higher (or lower) amount of value.


§ 7.
1. Both the Sender and the Recipient have the right to file a complaint regarding improper performance of the service by SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS

2. SOKÓŁ 4 TRANS has 30 days to consider the complaint.
3. Complaints may be submitted electronically to the following address: ….., as well as in writing to the address of the Polish registered office of the company.


§ 8.
1. If the Principal is a consumer within the meaning of the Civil Code, the contract’s content is shaped by the provisions of these regulations, taking into account consumer protection provided for in specific conditions.
2. The parties will strive to settle disputes amicably – finding satisfactory solutions for both parties.